My Presence on Social Media

Like literally everyone else, I have multiple social media accounts. I always try to make sure that everything I post online is not something I will regret in the years to come since my digital footprint will last for years. I use Facebook, Twitter (educationally), Instagram, and Snapchat.

teMy Facebook is very blah, to say the least. I have moved on from Facebook and did a very long time ago. I think Facebook was a good product in its prime, but now it’s falling behind. Because of this, I don’t really spend much time on Facebook. The most I do is comment once or twice every month and change my profile picture every once in a while. I post on my timeline only a couple months a year. I used Facebook a LOT when I was in middle school, and the posts were embarrassing, so I went through and deleted those posts years ago. For the most part, unless I’m tagged in something, I’m practically nonexistent on Facebook.

kjhMy Twitter is a little more entertaining. I don’t really “do Twitter”, so I exclusively use it for educational purposes. Every blog post I make is linked to my Twitter, and I try to be interactive on there by reading other peoples tweets and articles, but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not that big on Twitter.

My biggest social media platforms are Instagram and Snapchat. If you were to look at my Instagram, you might think that there’s not much on it either. Trust me, there used to be. I was one of those people who posted once a day (eww I know). My Instagram was filled with models and celebrities and selfies and pictures of my friends. Now, it’s mostly pictures of me and my friends. And after a couple years of editing and deleting and archiving so many of my old posts, I know only a have 17 posts total. Personally, I don’t like to have my Instagram account being private. I don’t mind it if people want to look at my page and see the things I have posted. I have nothing to hide. As a result, I’m very conscious of the things that I’m not only posting but the things I am being tagged in. I know that educators are scrutinized for the things that they post online, and with good reason–we are there to educate children, and we have to appear professional in almost any setting. It’s a part of the job. Because of that, and because my Instagram account is public, anything that could be considered inappropriate won’t be posted to my page, and if I’m tagged in something that could be regarded as inappropriate, I will either untag myself or ask the person who posted it to remove it. I may not be doing anything wrong in the picture, but other people in the public may think otherwise. To avoid that conflict, I just make sure that there’s nothing like that on my page in the first place. untitled

Snapchat is not really a platform I can show off. It’s me sending out pictures to my friends, and I don’t have a page or anything. It’s high on my social media list solely because I do Snap Streaks every day (too many if you ask me, but everyone I have a streak with is important to me in some way so I would never think of ending it). I have a lot of friends on Snapchat who can really only see the photos I send them, where I am on the map, and my Snap Stories. Either way, I still try to make sure everything I post is appropriate. I rarely post Snap Stories, and if I do it’s usually something funny I saw, like the time I saw a person with a license plate that said VEGAN. So, since there’s not a page I can show you, instead I’ll show off my totally hip and stylish BitMoji who looks 110% like me, I promise.


I also wanted to see how easily it was to find myself online. I searched twice–once with just my first and last name, and another time with my middle name. Both searches resulted in my Facebook page being the first result, with my Twitter page and my WordPress in there as well. I couldn’t find my Instagram anywhere, even when I typed my handle into Google directly, and unsurprisingly, my Snapchat was nowhere to be found. There were many articles I was in from my local newspaper, so if you are bored and want to read about all the drama plays I’ve been in then go ahead and check out the Carlyle Observer. It also would show me people who had the same last name as me, a couple being my family members, and some having no relation at all (that I know of).

I wanted to check and see how private my accounts were as well. My Twitter and Instagram are open to the public, and no one can see my Snapchat unless they are added to my friends list (but anyone who has my Snapchat handle can send me Snaps, regardless if they are my friend on the site or not), but I distinctly remember making my Facebook VERY private when I got the site in the sixth grade. I never bothered to update my privacy settings, and I guess that is my own fault, but when I checked again I guess everyone could see what email account I was using, all my posts, my cell phone number–very uncool of you Mark Zuckerberg. You changed the privacy settings and I had no clue! I just now made it private (I think??? Privacy settings on Facebook are way more complicated than they need to be, so I don’t actually know how private my account is). Because I have so many family members and personal friends on my Facebook, I would just prefer it if a stranger didn’t know all that information (or know my email or phone number, that’s crossing a line, and I didn’t even know I had to specifically hide that from my Facebook).

All in all, that was what I found on my social media accounts. It seems that, even with my presence, I’m really only easy to find on Twitter and Facebook, and as I mentioned before, they aren’t all that exciting. I’ll try and revamp my Twitter so that it’s much more entertaining. Facebook… not so much.

4 Replies to “My Presence on Social Media”

  1. Thanks for your post, Shaleen. I really appreciate how you include images of your social media platforms as it makes reading your post more entertaining! I also use the bitmoji images like you used in your blog post. I recently wrote a letter to my internship class and included some bitmojis and the students went bananas for it! It helps to get students more engage in what they are learning about or reading – but that’s just my opinion. Thanks again for your post I enjoyed reading it!


  2. Hi Shaleen,
    I like how you talked about how Facebook changed their privacy settings in your post. I guess it goes to show how technology is always one step ahead of us and even when we think we are in control, that may not be the case. If it counts for anything, I do see the resemblance between yourself and the Bitmoji and appreciate your humor in your blog posts, keep up the good work!


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