Time to Wrap This Up…

So, EDTC 300 is coming to an end, as are all of my classes (except exams…), and to finish off my journey I’m going to recap my learning project.

If anyone can recall, I had chosen calligraphy for a kind of silly reason. I just really like stimulation videos online, and I especially loved the ones with calligraphy–and that’s how I chose my learning project. I feel like that’s the equivalent of enjoying videos of people falling off skateboards, and then subsequently choosing to fall of skateboards as my learning project. But I chose calligraphy, and this is how it went:

Week one: Insert Clever Title About Calligraphy Here

  • Outlined my plan
  • Explained why I chose calligraphy

Week two: Week Dos of Calligraphy-ing

  • First attempts at calligraphy
  • Outline of my materials
  • How my materials worked

Week three: Oh Look–Another Calligraphy Post!

  • Gothic calligraphy
  • Stuggles with calligraphy

Week four: Bounce Around

  • Bouncy calligraphy
  • How I tried fixing mistakes
  • How I accomplished ouncy calligraphy
  • Differences between modern and traditional calligraphy

Week five: My Latest Calligraphy Adventure

  • Watercolour brush pens
  • Differences between brush pens and calligraphy markers
  • Hardships with brush pens
  • Continuing bouncy lettering

Week six: My Fingertips are Black…

  • Using calligraphy pens
  • My materials
  • How to clean
  • Differences between the pens and previous materials

Week seven: Friend or Faux?

  • Faux calligraphy
  • Incorporating with Bullet Journaling
  • How-to

Week eight: The Brush Pens are Here

  • Using brush pens (not watercolour brush pens)
  • How are they different?
  • What they are

Week nine: Art…?

  • Using calligraphy in art
  • Using watercolour brush pens for more uses

Week ten: Short Time no See

  • New attempts at brush pens
  • New fonts
  • How I improved

I feel that, throughout my calligraphy experience, I have made great progress. I thought that the art form would be much harder than it actually was, and I am grateful for that. Initially, I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew, but once I got into it, I realized that it was the perfect fit for me.

I began by relying heavily on others–I watched YouTube videos with great intensity. However, as I progressed, the less I needed to hold on to. I think that was my greatest sign of growth. It got to the point where I only needed new videos if I wanted to try out new fonts, and even then I only watched a few minutes of the video, and sometimes I would just look at a screencap of a specific part of the video and replicate what was on screen without the commentary.

This was my calligraphy in the early weeks.

And this was my calligraphy during the ending weeks.

Something I’ve noticed within my growth is just how fast I can write using calligraphy now. Before it used to take me so long just to write out a single letter, and now I can do it casually on a scrap piece of paper in only seconds.


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