How I, Miss Shaleen Anne Hengen, Contributed to the Learning of Others

I mean, I hope I helped people learn in this class considering I want to be an educator. I feel that my communication with others in the class has helped others think about new ideas and has taught them about new perspectives.

The best thing, in my opinion, someone can do to help someone learn is through communication. However, I’m a very anxious person. I don’t like talking to people if I can avoid it. Being in this class I had to get over that initial anxiety, and one of the ways I did it was by commenting on other students posts. I always tried to talk conversationally, and I almost always asked questions. I wanted to strike up conversations and expand my social network connections.

Brooklynn Seck: Loop One Loop Two Brooklyn

Emily Hood: If I’m the Old Dog can I Still Teach Myself New Tricks?Emily

Luke Anderson: 6% may not seem like a lot but… -Learning Project #3Luke

Webster Fox: Doo Wap, Bop, Ohh La La – Getting a bit MinorWebster

Also, I didn’t just leave comments on others blogs. I also commented on my own. Well, really, I commented on other peoples comments on my blog. Again, I thought that it was important to expand and engage in conversation with others. I wasn’t just helping them learn by commenting on their blog posts–my blog posts could be helping them learn as well. Someone who has been interested in calligraphy, for example, could look at my blog and use my calligraphy posts as a learning tool. So, if someone left a comment asking a question, I always tried to answer.

I also feel that my Twitter, while somewhat lackluster if I’m being honest, was still very informative and beneficial to others. I feel that the Twitter chats were beneficial to those who participated with me since they could see my perspective on things and that my perspective could help shape their own. I also shared educational articles, and well as articles related to current news.

Finally, I think one of my biggest contributions, that I sadly do not have any photos to show for, was within the class itself. At first, I was very scared to talk in the class. I had a comment here and there, but for the most part, I stayed quiet. However, near the end, I was engaging in topics that we were dealing with, leaving comment after comment, question after question–I feel that my contribution helped students within the class. Sometimes I was fortunate enough to start a conversation with some students in the class who asked me about my opinion, or who expanded on it. It was even better when my prof, Katia Hildebrandt, would mention my comment during our lecture and would lead our class to more conversations.

Overall, I believe that I did help students learn in EDTC 300. I realize now that my contributions can go a long way.


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