Super Sleuthing

This week we had the opportunity to, more or less, stalk one of our classmates. We partnered up and tried to find as much as we could about one another online. Kendall and I decided to be partners, and while she tried to find as much information about me, I was doing the same about her.

First things first, I went straight to Google. I typed in her full name and immediately found her Facebook account. It is a personal account that shows where she graduated from and where she lives. Despite being personal, it is still professional, which is very important. Considering how much people rely on the internet to find specific people, making sure your online profile is professional will help make a good impression on others. I think, just by looking at her Facebook account, Kendall has kept this in mind.

After finding her Facebook, I tried to find more and quickly realized that there is A LOT of Kendall Schneider’s. Even though I follow her Twitter account, I couldn’t find it at all through Google. Instead, multiple Twitter accounts popped up (all Kendall Schneider’s by the way) that were not hers. It took a very long time to find her one Twitter, shockingly. In order to find her Twitter, I had to go onto my own Twitter and directly find her through my followers. Like her Facebook, her Twitter is very professional and active. She participates in a lot of educational conversations and tweets, furthering her professional identity online.

I also found her Instagram account. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t think I would have been able to find her Instagram account had I not been following her. Again, her Instagram is a private and personal account. Making it private most likely makes it even harder to find through Google alone.

Photos of Kendall on her graduation day. She commonly uses these photos on her social media accounts.

I clicked on the next page of Google in order to find more and instantly realized that I had found as much as I could just by Googling her name alone. I knew this because the next page was full of obituaries, and unless Kendall was in a serious accident recently–and I mean really recently since she texted me about two hours ago–then there was no way it could be her.

I tried to find out more about Kendall by searching her name along with “Regina” after her name. Knowing that she goes to school at the University of Regina, I knew that if any of her social media accounts mentioned this then it would be easier to find more about her. However, that plan kind of backfired. Everything that popped up either did not relate to her or was something I had already found. So, I decided to try something similar. Taking out “Regina” and replacing it with her hometown, Prince Albert, I was able to find out more.

A couple of newspaper articles from her hometown popped up, and I read what was in them. I had known previously that Kendall had been in Girl Guides, and one of the articles focused on her involvement. The article mentioned that she had received the Canada Cord Award for her role in Girl Guides, along with other girls involved in the group. Sadly, there was no quote from Kendall herself, but I did find an article that did.

This article was about a travel club that Kendall had been involved in. It mentioned how the club was planning on going to Greece, and that she was also enthusiastic to go on the trip. She mentioned in the article that she had previously been to Europe and was excited to have the opportunity to go again with the travel club.

After using Google I tried DuckDuckGo, another search engine that I just learned about last week, in order to find anything more. And I got nothing. There was even less information brought up about Kendall through DuckDuckGo than there was for Google, which surprised me. I knew that the two search engines worked differently, and I know that when I searched myself on DuckDuckGo I can find quite a lot about myself. But that wasn’t the same for Kendall.

Overall I thought that stalking a former classmate was pretty fun, if not a little creepy considering I’m literally stalking her for my own personal gain. But I mean, she’s doing the same to me. I’m hoping that she has a bit more luck finding things on me because I surprisingly had a hard time finding information on Kendall. I think this is because of how common her name is, and that a lot of the article popping up were about different Kendall Scheider’s.



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