My Latest Calligraphy Adventure

I would like to start with an apology–I didn’t have time to write my calligraphy post for next week. I had practiced using my calligraphy, but I just didn’t have the time to make the post–I was swamped with midterms. But I’m here now, and you will all be blessed with TWO learning project posts this week.

So this week–well, last week–I bought myself some watercolour pens and worked with them. I found them ten times harder than my calligraphy markers. This is because with the markers you can easily make a hairline stroke. All you have to do is use the corner of the marker. However, with the watercolour pens, you have to make sure your pressure is very light in order to make a hairline stroke. The pen itself has a brush as a tip, so you have to treat it like an actual paintbrush, and that made it that much harder to use. I used a tutorial on YouTube by Jennifer Coyle to get a better sense of how to use my pens.

I had wanted to use watercolour pens for a while, so I was extremely excited to start using them. The way they work it that the tip unscrews from the body of the pen, and you put water into the body of the pen. Then, after putting the tip back on, you can squish the body of the pen to get the brush of the pen wet, and then you dip the brush in your choice of watercolours.

What the watercolour brush pens look like

After getting the hang of them I decided that I wanted to stick with the bubble lettering, and I played around with different colours. Back in high school, my favourite kind of paints was watercolour, so I have become comfortable using the watercolours. I think that my previous use of watercolours worked in my favour.

This is an example of what the different watercolour pens look like. Each brush tip has a different size and shape. Three of the four pens have a rounded, pointed tip, while the other pen has a flat brush tip.

This is me writing out my roommate’s name (who thankfully held the phone to film my video).

Here are some pictures of my calligraphy using multiple colours. Do change colours I would mix the two colours together to give it an “ombre” effect.

I would also like to announce that I got proper calligraphy pens that actually work like calligraphy pens are supposed to. So guess what I’ll be doing this week?


9 Replies to “My Latest Calligraphy Adventure”

  1. Hey Shaeleen,
    I really like how your trying new things for your learning project. The watercolor pens look really cool and I really like the colors they made. You seem to enjoying what you are learning and it looks really good! I can’t wait to read your post next week!


  2. Hey Shaleen,
    Wow! Your calligraphy is awesome! I agree with Rebecca, I love how you are always trying new styles/pens. Definitely a big challenge, so good for you! Also, I like the little videos you added, it’s nice to see how you actually use the pens. Do you plan on making your own tutorial by the end?


    1. I never actually thought about doing my own tutorials. I think if I can develop my skills over a longer period of time that I would possibly consider doing it, but I would also need a better camera and microphone system lol


  3. Those pens are awesome and your calligraphy is even more awesome! I think this is such a creative learning project and I like that you are using pictures and video to show us what you are creating. I think what Nicole said could be a really cool way to end your learning project, if you create a tutorial for how to do calligraphy it could be a great way to help teach others!


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