Time to Participate

On Wednesday I, along with the rest of my class, was able to listen to a guest speaker during my EDTC 300 class. It was Dr. Alec Couros and he talked about the “new culture of participation”. I know, it’s kinda loaded and kinda confusing, and you probably have no idea what the “new culture of participation” is. Well, Alec focused on the internet, more specifically YouTube (for the majority of the presentation) and its influence on our lives.

Some things he had pointed out was how easy it is to learn things through the internet. You can just look up how to play guitar and learn how to play the guitar solo in “Black Betty” in less than a week. All for free. And honestly, there’s no lie to that statement. In this day and age, it is so easy to access things that were not previously accessible ever before.

Also, I watched a video titled “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube” that talked about how influential YouTube is in our culture. It is so easy for people to connect and make videos, and those videos spread and create a craze. One such example was Soulja Boi–a song made by a young teenager (who had also made a dance to accompany it) spread like wildfire, and before we knew it, the song was on the radio and even got nominated for a Grammy. 

I think this new culture of online participation can be extremely beneficial to students in today’s classroom. There are so many forms of media online that can help students to easily learn new content outside of the classroom, let alone the media they can use inside the classroom. There are videos on YouTube that cover entire subjects and are extremely useful to teachers whose students who don’t understand a topic. It’s also a great way to make sure each lesson is interesting and engaging.

However, while some may think it is scary to rely on technology to help teach students (as some may overanalyze the use of technology and claim that computers are taking over the world, therefore the use of technology will make schools and teacher obsolete) I think technology can be very beneficial. I don’t think anything will happen to school systems or teachers but instead, will make it easier to teach within the classroom. As a student, I know how beneficial it is for me to use technology in the classroom, so to not take advantage of that would be a mistake.

2 Replies to “Time to Participate”

  1. Hi Shaleen, I agree that technology is beneficial. I also think that it should be tied to content, context and outcomes within the lesson and not used simply to say we are using technology in the classroom. It should not be a way of making the teacher’s role easier, although that is a consideration, but also a way of helping students progress in their learning journey. Thanks for sharing!!
    Julie N.

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