I Did It!

Follow up to one of my more resent posts. If any of you have read the post I’m talking about, then you know that I may or may not have missed my edu-chat this week. I was very disappointed to say the least. But, it is with great pleasure that I announce that I finally experienced my first edu-chat!

I honestly thought it would be scarier than it was. The chat was very easy to follow with the help of Tweet Deck. Tweet Deck allows you to have multiple columns showing at once so you can follow specific hashtags, messages, activity and more all at the same time. It was very useful for the edu-chat–that way I could follow along without getting lost anywhere. I could see all the tweets that had the hashtag #saskedchat, and it automatically refreshes.

I had previously heard that the edu-chat that I was in, Sask Ed. Chat, was very intense and fast. What I got however felt like the opposite. Yes, sometimes everyone would respond all at once and it was hard to read everyone’s tweet, but it never got overwhelming. I was expecting to be completely lost, but I never was, so go me! Also, hearing that the chat was very fast had me very nervous. I’m a Taurus; I don’t like change or new things, and using Tweet Deck and being a part of a Edu-chat is both. But, once I got into it, my nerves went away. The people who participated with me were very welcoming, and you never felt like you had nothing to offer in the chat.

At first I just sat back and watched. I wanted to see how people responded, and I planned out how I would respond as well. After getting a sense of the flow, I began answering the questions, and people would like my tweets. At first I thought some of my responses were immature or silly, since a lot of the people in the chat were teachers and I’m only a first year university student, but after people started liking my tweets and replying it made me more open to responding.

Another thing I liked was that it wasn’t just a Q and A–people were having conversations with each other. It made the chat so much more interesting. It also helped ease the nerves. Also, before I forget to mention, the whole chat was about literacy. I think that also helped me follow because we stayed on the same topic the whole night. We weren’t talking about reading strategies one minute and then talking about graphing calculators the next.

I think the best thing I took out of the experience is how much I learned, and how helpful edu-chats could be. As I mentioned before, a lot of the people who were in the chat were teachers, so they new what it was like actually teaching. I, on the other hand, have no experience teaching in a school. I’ve taught figure skating, but teaching figure skating and teaching logarithms are two completely different things. To be able to see what these teachers did to better there students was super helpful. I could use these in my own classroom one day, and that’s what I found the most important about the edu-chat. I would highly recommend you trying one out some time, #10/10. And if you’re nervous, don’t worry; I am the queen of nerves, and even I was able to get over them tonight.

Just so y’all can get an idea of what Tweet Deck looks like

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