Insert Clever Title About Calligraphy Here

If you haven’t noticed by my title, I a) suck at trying to be funny, and b) am doing calligraphy for my learning project.

If anyone is confused, calligraphy is like cursive writing, but ten times fancier. Considering it’s ten times fancier, it’s also ten times harder than cursive. While my cursive is nice, I only use it in moderation, and as a result I still struggle to spell in cursive.

Have any of you heard of stim videos? Basically they are videos where someone is doing something, like painting or playing with glitter slime, and the only noise is coming from the activity they are doing. So if they are painting, all you can hear is the brush strokes. That’s what a stim video is. Well, that’s where I found my interest in calligraphy. I love to watch people write in calligraphy, and the noise the pen makes when it hits the paper is so soothing (to me at least). And that’s why I chose calligraphy.

I highly doubt my experience attempting calligraphy will be as soothing as the videos.

The plan is to make a checklist of all the things I need to be a proper calligraphy-ist. Obviously I need a dip pen, and ink, and proper paper, and I guess I have to learn how to properly set up the dip pen and how to clean it. But I also plan to use YouTube tutorials as well as online articles in order to help me do proper calligraphy. And maybe I will be able to write like this:

Photo Credit: Syntax One Flickr via Compfight cc

Apparently that means “train station” in French.

I’m so excited to start! I’ve been wanting to do calligraphy for a very long time now, but I never really went out of my way to do it. But now that I am doing it, I can’t wait to get the ball rolling!


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